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Home & Commercial Energy Savings in Chicagoland, IL & Kenosha, WI

Home Insulation can be your answer to a healthier, more temperature controlled and energy efficient home or business.

Performance Coating Solutions is the local energy consultant in the greater Chicagoland & Kenosha, WI area. Let us help you save money bymaking your home or business more energy efficient.

Save money

Home and business energy savings can come from many different areas, the basement, the attic, crawl space, and the list goes on.

If you’re serious about energy savings, saving money, and helping to save the environment, don’t hesitate to contact us to evaluate your home or business's insulation. By evaluating all insulation in your home or business Performance Coating Solutions makes sure that you get the most from your investment in energy savings.

The Whole Structure Energy Savings Approach

Our whole home and business energy audit in Chicagoland & Kenosha, WI will help you discover the best areas to address for energy savings through insulation. Maybe it’s the windows, or the furnace, or the insulation in the attic, but maybe there are two or three other areas that will have a larger impact on your energy consumption and save you more money!

The professional and highly trained home energy experts at Performance Coating Solutions are well versed in indoor air quality and indoor environments Illinois & Wisconsin. From combating allergens and mold to saving you money on your heating and cooling bills, we have the solutions to your problems.

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Let us improve the health of your family and make your indoor environment more comfortable in Illinois & Wisconsin. Call or contact us online today for a Home or Business Insulation Audit!

Performance Coating Solutions offers an extensive list of insulation energy evaluation services to our customers:

  • Attic Insulation
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Basement Insulation

Please call us now at 630-250-4642 to schedule a free home inspection to determine if you are maximizing savings and energy usage through proper insulation.

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