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Ceiling Insulation in Chicagoland, IL & Kenosha, WI

Roofs/ceilings are a big culprit to a lot of your lost heating and air conditioning. In summer months, the hot sun can heat it up 10-20+ degrees over the outside temperature which can quickly raise the temperature in your business. In winter months, cold winds, snow and ice buildup and the outside temperature are all extenuating factors to making the heat run more than it should due to the cold seeping in. Wouldn't it be nice to keep the hot summer and cold winter temperatures out? Performance Coating Solutions can help!

Spray Foam Ceiling Insulation

Spray foam insulation is an easy way to save money and energy usage that you often lose due to the poor insulating effects of commercial roofs - asphalt, metal, shingle, etc. All of these are known poor insulators, which is why it's a good investment to install the best type of insulation.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Ceiling Insulation in Chicagoland & Kenosha, WI
  • Save Up to 50% on Utility Bills
  • Stop Air Leakage
  • Improve Your Commercial Building Value
  • Reduce Allergens
  • Reduce Outside Noise
  • Reduce Pest Intrusions
  • Great For New or Old Buildings
  • Saves Energy

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Perfect for new builds or renovations

If you’re considering doing a remodel or building a new building, use spray foam on your roof instead of the permeable and less efficient fiberglass batting. The higher insulation value and the moisture proof capability of spray foam will protect and insulate your property like you never thought imaginable. Whether you’re building a new commercial building or looking to update what you already have contact us for a free quote. Our commercial spray foam applications fortify new buildings and strengthen existing buildings. Call us at 630-250-4642 or complete our contact form to let us know what job you have in the Chicago area and we can discuss your options for spray foam insulation.

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